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The 3 D's

Many that train at Cunningshot will have heard me mention, (once or twice!) the 3D's. If you haven't then prepare to have your training methods flipped upside down to understand the way a dog learns and how to build on their learning to increase the difficulty.

The 3Ds stand for:

- Duration

- Distance

- Distraction

The 3D's are the fundamental training foundations that can be applied to all teaching methods, whether they be a simple sit, or a more complex retrieve, agility course or trick sequence. The steps of training them remain the same build the duration first then the distance, and finally the distractions. You cannot expect your dog to settle at a busy country show if you haven't first taught them to settle in their own environment for increasing durations. The application of the 3D's as the building blocks to your training plans creates structure and a steady rate of progression where the dog actually understands what you are asking of them.

Placeboards assist owners to build up these 3D's in manageable chunks where you can see improvement.

Below is an example of applying the 3D's to a training scenario.

For more information about how to apply the 3D's and to read more into the training method please have a look at this article:

With every exercise you do from now on when you start to think about progression, apply the 3D's to your progression plan to create an easier path to success and development.

#staysafe everyone and keep training

Emma Stevens BVetMed Sci

Founder of Cunningshot Dog Training

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