Cunningshot Gundogs: 

Cunningshot run gundog training from puppy to advanced suitable for any breed wanting to work their dog in the field. With two specialist Gundog trainers and a Gamekeeper on board we have the facilities and experience to take novices to shoot day ready. To find out more please see below: 

Puppy Gundog
Puppy Gundog Classes & 1-2-1's
Gundog Classes
Working Gundog Classes
Gundog 1-2-1's
1-2-1's for Gundog Clients
Gundog Workshops
Workshops and Events for Gundogs
Training Days
Full day training days and events
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Cunningshot Dog Sports:

Cunningshot run a range of dog sport training suitable for puppies to advanced in a range of disciplines, we run competitions, 1-2-1's, group sessions and workshops in all of the services below 

Puppy Classes
Pet Puppy Classes and 1-2-1's
1-2-1 Training
Dog Sports 1-2-1's
Obedience Classes
Pet Gundog
Pet Gundog Classes
Trick Training
Trick Training workshops and challenges
Agility Classes
Scentwork workshops
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Extra Cunningshot Services:

As well as all of the above services we also offer these as stated below: 

Puppy Pack
Puppy packs for any breed
Junior Handling Events
Junior Handler events, groups and workshops
First Aid Workshops
First Aid workshop information
Breeders Scheme
Breeders schemes, plans and workshops
Live Arena Demonstrations
Live arena demo's and events
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