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Cunningshot Dog Training sees dog training in a new light. We train you, the human! Cunningshot give you the skills required to train your dog to the best of your dogs ability, reaching your own goals and expectations as well as forming a lifelong bond with your companion.


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Whether you want to train a gundog to work in the field, an agility dog to run a course or have a well behaved pet that settles in the evening and you can enjoy long family walks and holidays with, we have a trainer that can help you achieve this and more! 

With over 50 years combined practical experience combined alongside theoretical knowledge, Cunningshot's world class trainers have a range of unique training qualities allowing a huge range of services, training methods and insights into canine psychology enabling them to train a variety of breeds in a range of disciplines.


Cunningshot are able to offer clients everything you need to be able to train your dog. The combination of trainers allow for obedience, agility and pet gundog training, to run along side more serious working gundogs offering experienced and novice clients a route into countryside sports. 

We also understand that behavioural issues can occur within a dog's lifetime, various reasons including rescuing a dog. Cunningshot's trainers are also trained in behaviour work and are able to cater for behavioural blips as well as more serious behaviour cases with our behavioural consults.

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Emma Stevens


Gundog & Behaviour Specialist 

Helena Woodfield

Obedience and Dog Sports Trainer

Adam Peace

Gundog Specialist 

Tom Stevens

Gundog Specialist  & Gamekeeper