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Gundog Training Days, Holidays & Mentorships:

Bridging the gap in Countryside Sports

Cunningshot Training Days: 

Cunningshot Gundogs are privileged enough to be able to offer novice shoot day training days. These days are designed for novice handlers and dogs to experience a real shoot day with the support of a fully experienced team to 'buddy' up with. These days run exactly like a shoot day offering a realistic platform to train and work their dogs without the pressure of handling their dogs on a shoot for the first time or even second time without support. 

Cunningshot have a team of mentors, with a wealth of experience coupled with warmness and approachability to put novices at ease when experiencing their first days on a shoot. 

Alongside this Cunningshot also run Gundog Working test training days and shot over training days to expand the vocabulary of gundog training into all branches competition and working in the field.

Cunningshot Mentorship:

Cunningshot Mentorship is something very close to owner, Emma Stevens' heart. Having been surrounded by fantastic mentors herself. With this in mind when she established Cunningshot Dog Training she vowed a personal mission to continue the hard work and dedication her mentors gave her when learning. 

Therefore Cunningshot Gundog trainers offer during the shooting season 'A day in the field" shadowing them working their own dogs in the field. You will spend the whole day shadowing a trainer working their own dogs on  a shoot have the ability to have them to yourself for a whole day and ask any questions you have. This opportunity allows anyone interested in working gundogs to watch and learn in the most realistic environment. 

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