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Cunningshot Gundogs
Gundog Puppy Sessions:

'When do I start formal gundog training' this is our most commonly asked question. Truthfully, there is no set time or age to start. Breeders should have started the shaping of a good gundog training from day 1 with careful socialisation and shaping programmes, at 8 weeks when you bring your newest edition home you are already training even if you do not realise it. Cunningshot Gundogs aims to teach you all of the necessary tools to be able to start your puppy off correctly or correct an older dogs bad habits. Training start with us as early as you would like, however, it is recommended to start some form of classes as early as possible to help shape good manners and, in turn, a well rounded and good character gundog. 

Puppy Pack:

Whether you are new to owning a puppy, if it has been a while since your last dog or if you would just like to start off with forward thinking and a training plan to include the whole family Cunningshot can help this training model unique to Cunningshot Dog Training allows all our clients to be directed through the crucial first weeks, starting off on the right foot. 

The ultimate pack for a new puppy owners. With this you receive:

  • Two home visits (these can be scheduled before or after the pup arrives)

  • A socialisation plan and training plan unique for your puppy

  • A goody pack including nutritious food, training treats, a whistle, lead, gundog dummy or toy.

Gundog Puppy Classes:

Early development with puppies is one of the most important developmental stages in their life. Their brain is constantly absorbing and expanding, therefore it is important to offer the correct early stage training.


Cunningshot promise to offer you, your family and most importantly your puppy the right start. By running small, outside classes suitable for any breed from the ages of 12 weeks (when fully vaccinated) up to roughly 6 months of age. Gundog Puppy classes set the foundations for all puppies focusing on; obedience commands, on and off lead social skills, as well as traditional gundog commands taught using modern, up to date positive methods.


The sessions run on a weekly basis. Your puppy training doesn't end at 6 months, it can continue right through vital training periods of your dogs adolescence allowing Cunningshot to help you grow with your puppy through all their life stages offering a helping hand and support through this.   

With secure, safe and realistic training grounds Cunningshot Gundogs can take you and your dog through the journey of training a gundog up to working, shoot day standard, regardless of your own previous experience. 

Puppy One to Ones: 

Sometimes it may be more appropriate to start with a one to one before placing a puppy in a group class. If the puppy is under 4 months old then it may be that the one to one runs only for half an hour instead of the full one hour session as not all puppies can concentrate for that long.  

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