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Cunningshot Dog Training
Breeders Club 

Whether you are breeding or taking on a new puppy its important to know what to expect and ensure that your new potential owners or yourself as the new owner that you understand everything about getting a new puppy. 


Cunningshot's new training plan ensures that you as a breeder or as a new puppy owner have the support right from the start. Our carefully put together puppy pack programme allows breeders to feel at ease with letting their pups go to new homes and allows new owners to feel confident when bring their newest family addition home. This 2 hour presentation and question and answer sessions takes place at the breeders home  or via Zoom and is available to be organised by the breeder for all new owners to attend. Or as a one on one basis. The presentation consists of: 

  • What to expect when expecting (a puppy!)

  • How to deal with the first night 

  • The golden window for early training and socialisation 

  • How to find a good trainer 

  • Health and Nutrition advice

  • Vaccinations, Wormer, Flea 

  • First Aid 

  • Sleep advice 

  • Pet Insurance 

The talk includes a checklist for the new owners, including what to buy food and items, socialisation and commands.

(Events sponsored by the Skinners Field and Trial, Sporting Saint and Acme Whistles)

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