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Emma is the Founder of Cunningshot. Upon completion of her degree in Veterinary Medicine, Emma Spent 2 years in practice focusing in patient care and behaviour work. After two years her passion firmly lay within behaviour and training, and she came out of Veterinary work and set up Cunningshot Dog Training. With a unique set of skills Emma is able to offer clients an individual journey like no other. Canine psychology, health, nutrition and an advanced set of practical dog training skills are just some to name a few of the skill set Emma has obtained over her years training. Working with agility dogs, security and detection dogs and gundogs, Emma has witnessed and work with a huge range of breeds across a large variety of disciplines. Emma runs a team of dogs picking up on a large amount of days during the shoot season and also breeds her own line of working springers. Emma currently trains the majority of working gundog clients including puppies to an advanced level, alongside serious behaviour cases.   

In her own words: 

"I started the company upon completing my degree as I wanted to create a safe, friendly and approachable experience for owners to learn and thrive with their dogs. I wanted to provide a platform into the shooting community for novice handlers, to gain exposure, understanding and a way into working their dogs. I also enjoy teaching the next generation hosting a range of junior training days and regular junior training sessions. 

I currently run a team of my own picking up dogs working roughly 70 days in the shoot season. This, I feel allows me to have a realistic approach and  understanding to training one of the most complex training disciplines in the dog training community

As the main trainer of the company I am the main first contact for all new clients assessing their needs and current situation and placing them with an appropriate trainer. 

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