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Emma is the Founder of Cunningshot, Upon completion of her degree in Veterinary Medicine, Emma Spent 2 years in practice focusing in patient care and behaviour work. After two years her passion firmly lay within behaviour and training, and she came out of Veterinary work and set up Cunningshot Dog Training. With a unique set of skills Emma is able to offer clients an individual journey like no other. Canine psychology, health, nutrition and an advanced set of practical dog training skills are just some to name a few of the skill set Emma has obtained over her years training. Working with agility dogs, security and detection dogs and gundogs, Emma has witnessed and work with a huge range of breeds across a large variety of disciplines. Emma currently trains the majority fo working gundog clients as this is where her main passion lies alongside serious behaviour cases.   


In her own words: 

"I started the company upon completing my degree as I wanted to create a safe, friendly and approachable experience for owners to learn and thrive with their dogs. I wanted to provide a platform into the shooting community for novice handlers, to gain exposure, understanding and a way into working their dogs. I also enjoy teaching the next generation hosting a range of junior training days and regular junior training sessions. 

I currently run a team of my own picking up dogs working roughly 70 days in the shoot season. This, I feel allows me to have a realistic approach and  understanding to training one of the most complex training disciplines in the dog training community

As the main trainer of the company I am the main first contact for all new clients assessing their needs and current situation and placing them with an appropriate trainer. 


Emma's husband Tom offers help and support in working gundog classes to offer a realistic and practical approach for novice gundog owners. Being a gamekeeper Tom understands the expectations of dogs working in that intense environment and uses this knowledge and experience to assist gundog workshops, training sessions and training days. As well as supporting novice owners in the field on shoot days. 

In his own words:

'I enjoy seeing dogs that have been with Cunningshot since puppy train to a standard to be able to work alongside me on a shoot day. It's an incredible process to go through to get a dog to a standard to work them on a shoot and having developed that trust and understanding to push a dog to their limits and control them. To be able to offer clients the realistic set ups of shoots is an important part of the training process to me, that not only prepares owners and dogs to come and work on shoots I am on but also other shoots as well.' 


Natasha is one of our newest additions to the Cunningshot family. Coming to us firstly as a new client to expand her knowledge of gundog work, it became evidently clear she needed to come on board! Her knowledge in obedience, behaviour work and in particular herding breeds was second to none. After working with her and one of her dogs Effie we soon came to realise that she is also an incredible handler and shared a lot of Cunningshot's values and training methods. 

Natasha has a mix of theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Natasha has a Level 3 Animal Management, along with a variety of canine behaviour and training related courses. During her studies she worked and volunteered at a range of kennels & rescues gaining further practical experience to co-inside with her already vast theoretical knowledge. Natasha then went to work in the veterinary industry and after a short while realised that her passion and drive was for dog training. Natasha set up her own dog walking business and worked alongside a range of breeds focusing on training her clients dogs alongside her own dogs. 

Natasha now works full time for Cunningshot and is our main trainer for obedience, pet gundog and moderate behavioural cases. 

In her own words:

'I have always had a passion for dog training, every venture I have done has had a training related theme. My previous job as a dog walker allowed me to work with a range of breeds, ages and temperaments. A big part of this job was training these dogs whether that was basic obedience, manners & boundaries of more complex behavioural issues. I have three of my own dogs who I have trained to a high standard. I am passionated about herding breeds, from this I have trained my own dogs in flyball, obedience, herding, dog parkour, canine body awareness, scent work, bikejor and competed in canicross and trick titles. More recently I have also trained my Kelpie Cross to pick up on shoots in just over 4 months form a total novice to shoot day ready. I am excited to continue my work with Cunningshot and have recently started my IMDT level 4 behaviour course to continue to expand my own knowldege I love being a member of Cunningshot's trainers and I cannot wait to see where this journey takes me. 

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