Puppy Gundog:

These sessions run once a month for puppies of gundog breeds from 12 weeks up to 6months old to focus on the basic gundog work.

Novice Gundog:

These sessions are primarily for gundog breeds but can be suitable for other breeds. The focus on the foundation of gundog work from whistle commands to the basics of retrieving and all important steadiness.


Intermediate Gundog:

This class is the next stage up for gundog work and is usually for dogs that are retrieving back to hand and familiar with whistle work. The aim of this group is to build on the foundations from novice groups and lay ground work for moving into the advanced group. This group has both intended working dogs and pet gundog breeds.

Advanced Gundog:

This class is for my more advanced gundogs that are already working or competing in the field or pet gundog breeds at the same level. These dogs are steady to retrieves and advanced whistle commands. The idea of this group is to advance the dogs further to cold game, steady to live game and gunshot.

Group Classes: 

Gundog classes:

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