Group Classes: 

Gundog classes:

Cunningshot vision for gundog work is to positively create a mutual relationship between handler and dog where you can push your dog to their instinctual boundaries and control them while doing it. A gundog shouldn't work 'for' you they should work 'with' you. A dog with that relationship will be predictable in the most unpredictable situations. Having a dog ready for shoot days and competitions is what Cunningshot strive to help all of handlers achieve whether you are novice or experienced, young or older we have a programme and training methods that have been tested with our own successful gundogs as well as many clients. 


'When do I start formal gundog training' this is our most commonly asked question. Truthfully, there is no set time or age to start. Breeders should have started the shaping of a good gundog from day 1 with careful socialisation and shaping programmes, at 8 weeks when you bring your newest edition home you are already training even if you do not realise it. Cunningshot Gundogs aims to teach you all of the necessary tools to be able to start your puppy off correctly or correct an older dogs bad habits. Training start with us as early as you would like, however, it is recommended to start some form of classes as early as possible to help shape good manners and, in turn, a well rounded and good character gundog. 

Puppy Gundog:

These sessions run every week for puppies of gundog breeds from 12 weeks up to 6months old to focus on the basic gundog work.

Novice Gundog:

These sessions are primarily for gundog breeds but can be suitable for other breeds. The focus; the foundation of gundog work from whistle commands to the basics of retrieving, hunting and all important steadiness.

Intermediate Gundog:

This class is the next stage up for gundog work and is usually for dogs that are retrieving back to hand and familiar with whistle work. The aim of this group is to build on the foundations from novice groups and lay ground work for moving into the advanced group. This group has both intended working dogs and pet gundog breeds.

Advanced Gundog:

This class is for advanced gundogs that are already working or competing in the field or pet gundog breeds at the same level. These dogs are steady to retrieves and advanced whistle commands. The idea of this group is to advance the dogs further to cold game, steady to live game and gunshot.