Cunningshot Dog Sports 


Agility is a fantastic way to bond and spend time with your dog. Suitable for any breed and for dogs usually over 12 months Cunningshot Dog Sports can offer foundation agility for younger dogs. 

Cunningshot Dog Sports offer a range of agility classes and 1-2-1's for all abilities. We run fun competitions and weekly group sessions to cater for all abilities, breeds, ages and journeys. 

Agility training is great to build a bond, but in our experience at Cunningshot Dog Sports, agility has helped overcome training issues such as recall, reactivity and over excitement. To be able to successfully train with Cunningshot in agility, then your dog needs a certain level of obedience to be able to get the most out of training at agility. For this reason we ask that you either complete at least a 4 week obedience course with us, or an initial assessment for us to be able to help ensure that you get the most out of training agility.