Cunningshot Dog Sports 

Pet Gundog Classes

Gundog Breeds are continuously becoming more popular and for good reason, Gundog breeds are loving, intelligent, motivated to be trained and can make superb family pets. With this said they are also from working lines and often need to be challenged, stimulated to prevent unwanted behaviours coming through. 

Gundog breeds although intelligent and highly motivated, making them easy to train, it also means that sometimes behavioural problems such as guarding & separation anxiety. Cunningshot Dog Sports aims to help families with working gundog breeds train them to their instinctual abilities without any pressure of having to work your gundog. Cunningshot Dog Sports teaches any owner of a working breed how to train, handle and work a gundog but not actually ever take part in any shoots, live or cold game, unless you would like to transfer over to working gundog work which is always an option. 


Your whole family are welcomed to the class and encouraged to get involved in all aspects of the training for consistency. 

Most pet gundog classes are either from natural progression from puppy classes, however you can attend and sign your dog up at any age to attend, an assessment 1-2-1 will need to be carried out prior to being given a suitable class.