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Emma's husband Tom offers help and support in working gundog classes to offer a realistic and practical approach for novice gundog owners. Being a gamekeeper Tom understands the expectations of dogs working in that intense environment and uses his knowledge and experience to assist gundog workshops, training sessions and training days, as well as supporting novice owners in the field on shoot days. 

Clients will see tom on gundog workshops and training days as well as his shoot, hosting a range of walked up training days and novice shoot days. Cunningshot offer these unique experience through the teamwork between Emma and Tom that allows all gundog clients, novice and experienced, to be able to have realistic and hands on training.

Tom has grown up with dogs having his own collie as a boy. Tom has experience not only with working dogs but also rescue dogs having had the majority of his experience of training, working with rescue dogs. 

In his own words:

'I enjoy seeing dogs that have been with Cunningshot since puppy training, to a standard to be able to work alongside me on a shoot day. It's an incredible process to go through to get a dog to a standard to work them on a shoot and having developed that trust and understanding to push a dog to their limits and control them. To be able to offer clients the realistic set up of shoots is an important part of the training process to me, that not only prepares owners and dogs to come and work on shoots I am on, but also other shoots as well.' 

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