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Adam is our newest trainer and is lucky enough to have been brought up in the world of country sports. From having his first dog to train and work at 7yrs old Adam has grown up training Gundogs and was a phenomenal junior handler. He not only trained and worked his dogs alongside his dad but from an early age helped his family dogs overcome fear and anxiety. Adam is on board as one of our Gundog trainers to work alongside Emma, with over 25 yrs working dog experience Adam will be working with labs predominantly and picking up dogs.


Adam has two labs of his own. He has trained them to a high standard winning trophies in Gundog competitions and also dual training his lab Millie to scent track wounded deer as well as being a fantastic picking up dog. Adam will be assisting with novice and advanced training days acting as a mentor as well as running his own Gundog workshops for clients wanting to work their dogs. He is keen to also build up a client base of working Gundog handlers through Cunningshot that want to train for working as well as looking at training for tracking.


In his own words:

“I have always been brought up with working dogs. Gundog training is something my dad and I enjoyed and enabled us to spend time together. My first experience of Gundog training I remember was from about the age of 7 and from there on I was totally hooked! I spent hours and hours training. From this, I went on to train subsequent dogs for myself, as well as training friends dogs which has taught me so much about how dogs think, work and learn. There is no better feeling than to take your dog from a pup to seeing it out working on shoots. The trust, bond and discipline is something I can’t wait to share with clients. The level of training needed to get a dog to that standard creates a bond like no other and not only makes them good at their job but also versatile to do other work. Another path I have recently been exploring and I am enjoying teaching and cannot wait to share with Cunningshot members is Tracking. My own dog Millie tracks wounded deer and I would love to be able to share this knowledge with Cunningshot members, new and current. I am excited for my new journey within the team and cannot wait to get stuck in.”

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