Breeders Club 

Whether you are breeding or taking on a new puppy its important to know what you are doing.


I have recently expanded to breeders clubs. This informal presentation takes place at the breeders home and it is for the breeder to encourage all new owners to attend. The presentation consists of: 

  • What to expect when expecting (a puppy!)

  • How to deal with the first night 

  • The golden window for early training and socialisation 

  • How to find a good trainer 

  • Health and Nutrition advice

The talk includes a checklist for the new owners, including what to buy food and items, socialisation and commands.

Please message me for more information. These talks are available on Skype as well as in person if I am too far away and the checklists and goody bags can be sent to you as well. 

(Events sponsored by the Natural Dog Hub Breeders club)

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