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Helena has had a long passion for working with animals and dogs in particular, but her keen interest began when she found herself with a very suddenly anxious and aggressive dog, Huxley. He caused her to take an avid interest in dog behaviour and emotion, and to assess critically the way that people's relationships with their dogs help to define their success. Through this dog she researched extensively and gained experience in reactivity, aggression, behaviour modification and management. She has since undertaken qualification through the IMDT to give her experience theoretical reinforcement and improve her formal education in dog behaviour and training. This allows her to address more conventional training needs for puppy, adolescent and adult dogs that prevent problems down the line and help to rectify issues that have already arisen. Currently she lives with one dog, Bonnie, the Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer. She is a typical HPR, an extremely versatile yet sensitive hunting dog, she has worked as a gundog in the shoot season, has participated in displays at CRUFTS and continues to find her true calling in dog sports and work.

In her own words:

Dogs have always been a massive part of my life. My day job is as an academic, so, when presented with a problem with my dog that I needed to address, of course I turned to formal study to learn as much as I could about dog behaviour and training. Since I lost Huxley I have pursued as much dog related study as I can physically fit into my diary, completing 2 level 3 courses, one with the Centre of Excellence and one with the IMDT. Currently I am pursuing my IMDT membership and hope to go on to their highest level of study, becoming a member of the IMDTB, which focusses on behaviour cases. My Slovak, Bonnie, introduced me to the Gundog world; not being part of the community or going for a standard breed meant more hard work in terms of training, but I now work her on shoots and am always looking for other ways to expand her training. I am so excited to work with Cunningshot and cannot wait to see what amazing things we can do for our clients!

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